Become a Sponsor

We aim to have our work create impact. We do so by understanding the types of engagement that are delivering results, and then by delivering solutions companies face about the “right” way to engage with their customers. This approach is fact based, and data driven.
To help accomplish this goal, we are always seeking sponsors who share our ideals and are interested in supporting our work.

The Medill IMC Spiegel Digital & Database Research Center actively seeks new research and practitioner partnerships. For more information or to become involved, please contact the Center’s Executive Director, Tom Collinger to discuss opportunities.
How it works
The Spiegel Research Center seeks corporate partners who support our mission and our projects. To reach the goals we’ve set for the center, we’re reliant on relationships with industry sponsors in these four areas:
Financial support: The levels of financial support vary based upon the nature, size and type of support.
Access to data: Spiegel research requires access to customer/consumer databases that include purchase behavior, and typically media engagement behavior as well. This data is shared under protection of non-disclosure, and results of the research are similarly protected from public access as mutually agreed.
In-market pilots: Thirdly, we seek sponsors interested in turning the results of the research into pilot tests, validating the results with in-market experiments.
Events/forums to share research results: Finally, our goal is to impact industries, and to do so, we will host symposiums and forums to share results and discuss their implications with practitioners. This will only be done with the prior approval of the owners of the data and/or sponsors.