5 Must-Reads of February 2017


With the launch of a new eBook around Branded Apps ROI, our team of graduate students have curated these 5 must-read articles released in February to highlight other examples of social and digital media having a positive impact on ROI:

  1. What Online Retailers Can Learn From Amazon - AdAge
    Now with 300 millions users and $80 billion in online sales, Amazon is leading the retail industry. What is Amazon’s secret to becoming the most relevant brand to millennials in America? This article shares three consumer-first strategies applicable for online-retailers and digital business professionals that paved Amazon’s way to success.
  2. The Impact of Mobile Customer Engagement and What Loyalty Marketers Can Do TO Cash It In - Loyalty360
    Forrester reports that by 2021, consumers will spend $152 billion directly on mobile phones and that mobile phones will influence $1.4 trillion on offline sales. Learn more about the impact of mobile customer engagement and recommendations about how to capture and grow mobile commerce.
  3. Study: Consumers Get More Fickle Despite Billions Spent on Loyalty - AdAge
    Old tactics to retain customer loyalty are not as relevant today. In fact, only 34% of customers say that what makes them loyal to a brand today is the same as three years ago. Instead, loyalty comes from engagement, trust, influence, and emotional connection.
  4. 2017 Is the Year Of Consumers: Meaningful Engagement Means A Strong ROI - Media Posts
    Measuring clicks no longer be the metric used to measure marketing campaign ROI. Instead, analyzing every engagement point will tie directly to a dollar amount. 2017 is the year of of bringing meaningful engagement with customers. This article discusses five trends we expect to see over the next year that will yield higher engagement from consumers.
  5. How Social Media is Changing Fashion - Huffington Post
    Recently, social media has had a huge impact on the fashion industry. In America, 35% of millennial women have said that social media is one of the top influencers when making clothing purchases. Learn more about how social media is driving engagement and influencing customers.