March 2017 Round-Up


A recent study by Spiegel reveals some fascinating insights into the impact of owned media vs. paid media on brand sales. In light of this, our team of graduate students has curated these 5 examples that show the range of ways owned and paid media are being used.

  1. Social Presence Goes Beyond the Screen - Ad Week

Featuring insights from an Engagement Labs study, the article cites examples of brands like Dove which have successfully integrated online and offline campaigns to create a strong brand. For a brand to be a “Category Crusher,” they need to engage with their audiences online in order to generate in-person, word-of-mouth conversations about the brand. Dove serves as a good example of how brands can use both paid and owned media to take their presence beyond the screen.

  1. Audiences Don’t Care About Paid or Owned Media. The Content Creator is ‘King’ - Recode

Media success is no longer dependent on content or distribution, but rather the content creator. Media audiences follow content creators; personalities and brands, and are likely to follow them on whichever platform they choose to use. According to Recode, media planning isn’t dependent on paid or owned media platforms, but rather the content and content creators.

  1. Let Pixar Help You Create Great Owned Content with New Khan Academy Course - TechCrunch

Pixar and Khan Academy are partnering to offer free online lessons in storytelling. This is the first class offered which deals with the less technical aspects of movie creation. Pixar has previously offered classes on virtual cameras, effects and animations. This serves as a great example of a collaboration between two diverse media companies which should benefit as well as engage their audiences.

  1. Paid vs. Owned, Millennials Only Care if About Content Delivery- Pure Content

Montreal-based consumer research enterprise, LaunchLeap, provides insights to the preferences of millennials regarding ad content and engagement. The research indicates that millennials are prone to switching between various platforms with 49% using 4 platforms each day. While most millennials are responsive to traditional marketing, they prefer bite-size, easy-to-consume content.

  1. Owned Media & Branded App ROI - Spiegel Research Center

Our recent research on Branded App ROI helps marketing and advertising practitioners answer questions relevant to branded apps and helps them engage with users in ways that drive customer lifetime value. By investing in owned media such as branded apps companies have an opportunity to maximize customer lifetime value. However, companies must be thoughtful about their owned media strategies as our research shows that customers who disengage with an app spend less than before.