Consumer Engagement Round-Up: Brand Awareness


We believe that growing consumer engagement can be a powerful tool for brand awareness. As demonstrated in our Consumer Engagement Engine, knowing how and when to engage your consumers can lead to a measurable improvement in ROI. Here are 10 articles highlighting ways that consumer engagement can also improve brand awareness:

  1. Instagram Tests Direct Response Ads in Stories - AdAge
    Taking ad strategies from the main feed and putting them into stories, Instagram is working with advertisers to get users to engage with brands the same way they do with each other. In challenging giants like Snapchat, it is to be determined how this will impact ROI for partners like SumUp and other apps.

  2. It’s Time to Take the Brand Out of Branded Content - AdWeek
    Good storytelling and narrative content are becoming more relevant than ever before. They resonate with consumers It’s why relevant engagement is increasingly driving decisions, because brand shout outs may not be enough to turn engagement to results.

  3. FinTech Visual Marketing Trends for Consumer Engagement in 2017 - Tech Bullion
    70% of customers believe that FinTech is the future of financial services. Short explanation videos and captivating infographics are just two of the Marketing Visualization tactics FinTech companies use are using to engage with their customer.

  4. 4 charts on marketing to Middle America - Digiday
    Customers who live in the 26 “Heartland” states of the United States have said that they are more likely to shop at companies with shared values. These visual charts explain brand perceptions differences between Coastal America and Middle America residents, such as an increased focus on friends, family, and self-sufficiency.

  5. Retail Fails: How Big Chains Plan to go From Bad to Better - AdAge
    The recent challenges of retail giants like Macy’s and JC Penney and so many others can be linked to a lack of differentiation, according to Oliver Chen of Coven & Co. This piece claims that reaching consumers at the points of engagement and trying to have more of a conversation might have helped slowed these retailers’ demise.

  6. Here’s How Pop Culture Is Changing For Millennials - Huffington Post
    Are brands ready to reach Millennials through social experiential marketing? This article highlights the interconnectedness between Millennials and how brands need to embrace these needs to reach this audience. When it comes to brands, 61% say they feel that had some part on brand and content creation and curation. It’s time for brands to start doing more listening and less talking when it comes to engaging their customers.

  7. When 4.3 Stars Is Average: The Internet’s Grade-Inflation Problem - Wall Street Journal
    Because we’re “far too nice,” brands like Netflix and Uber are playing around with other means of showing audience approval or disapproval. From thumbs up and down to emojis, we’re interested in seeing which will resonate the most with users and audiences, offering high engagement with each other’s opinions. We see this engagement strategy one that should enhance customer value. Check out our previous study to learn more about how online reviews influence sales.

  8. The Future of Music: Playing for $30,000 in Tips - Wall Street Journal
    Tapping into the live stream economy, apps like YouNow found a way to engage viewers in ways that help performers earn money. Livestreaming has taken off among young audiences, as has live-tipping through platforms like Twitch. Tapping into these sensibilities can help both content creators and audiences. The top 20 content creators earn $31,000 in tips from fans in a time during which purchasing music is dead and audiences engage with music in a new way. Listening to how fans currently engage with content can lead to overall brand success.

  9. 5 Marketing Tactics From Starbuck's Unicorn Frappuccino Launch You Can Copy -     Forbes
    After the release of the Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbuck’s stock rose 1.8% to $60.08. What were the secrets to its success? This article identifies  five applicable tactics you can use now that led to the colorful Frappuccino’s success, such as using national news and awareness days in order to engage customers.

  10. In a Fight to Stay Relevant, Niche Cable Nets Bank on Audience Targeting - AdAge
    Turns out there’s more to consumers than just age and gender. Small TV channels are looking into the shared characteristics of niche target audiences, like fly fishers, to learn ways to engage them better.