Spiegel Marketing Team puts classroom lessons to practice


The Speigel Research Center is pleased to welcome five Medill Integrated Marketing Communications graduate students to its newly created Spiegel Impact Marketing Team.

The team will craft marketing strategies to share Spiegel research with marketing practitioners.

The Spiegel Research Center’s focus is to understand how customer engagement with brands impacts purchase behaviors.

"We seek to contribute to moving marketing practice from faith to facts," said Tom Collinger, executive director of the Spiegel Research Center and associate professor at Medill. "It’s not enough simply to trust that certain marketing practices lead to purchase and re-purchase behavior. Our applied research - for use by academics and practitioners - proves which types of customer engagement with the brand deliver financial impact."

Ted Spiegel, for whom the center was named, was passionate about working closely with the industry and having students learn from real world experiences.

"Ted wanted to change how academic research was done and his approach was to have a close collaboration with the industry,” said Collinger. “His approach was to put research into practice and test it."

The center’s advisory board which is made up of top marketing professionals, recommended that the center do more to share its research with practitioners, Collinger said, so the student marketing team will do just that.

The team has been reading the research produced by the center’s research team, crafting a marketing plan and has already begun disseminating the center’s insights on social media.

In addition to staying on top of leading edge marketing research, the team will have a chance to put into practice the skills they are learning in their IMC classes and further develop their resumes, Collinger said.

“It’s fantastic to have five students that are currently immersed in the study of marketing bring their classroom insights to the table in the creation of a communications campaign for the Spiegel center,” said Katie Smith, Spiegel Research Center community manager.

With undergraduate degrees from universities in the U.S., India and the United Kingdom and work experience in marketing both domestically and internationally, the team is poised to positively impact the center’s visibility among top marketers.

"From their social media plan to infographics, blogs and videos, I’ve been impressed with their creativity, enthusiasm, and work ethic,” Smith said. “It brings energy to the center to have lively discussions about our research, and I love hearing the group’s new ideas to engage people in the research of the center."

Meet the Spiegel Impact Marketing Team