The Super Bowl of ads


Our research focuses on understanding the types of customer engagement that drive financial impact. One study linked an individual’s social media engagement to their purchase behavior (Spiegel Initiative 2.0). Another study researched compared an individual’s engagement in online contests with subsequent purchase behavior (Spiegel Initiative 1.0).

One surprising insight revealed the volume of social engagement (posting and viewing), triggered consumers' memories of the importance of the core benefit of the brand. In spite of other incentives, thinking about the core benefit of the brand drove impact.

That’s what the E-surance commercial did well and with great entertainment value.

The commercial starts by proudly admitting that the reason the company waited to show their commercial until the game was over was because they saved $1.5 million compared with the cost of purchasing a spot during the game. This demonstrated how smart, even clever, approaches save the company money. They then announced a contest where anyone can tweet at them #EsuranceSave30 to be entered in a contest to win the $1.5 million. The ad made them believable. It made them relevant. It also gave viewers the opportunity to get in on this cleverness, while reminding everyone of the core benefit of the E-surance brand.

Relevance + Authenticity+ Audience engagement = Engagement prompts that work.