Why Amazon's android app bundle made perfect sense


By Isha Deodhar

In a bid to spread a bit of festive cheer during Christmas, Amazon offered, for two days, a free collection of paid apps and games valued at $220.  “The Largest Free App of the Day Bundle Ever” was of particular interest to those of us who study customer engagement with brands on mobile devices.

According to Amazon’s post-Christmas press release, “Nearly 60 percent of Amazon.com customers shopped using a mobile device this holiday season. Mobile shopping accelerated as customers got later into the shopping season.”
Amazon’s offer was an ingenious strategy to ensure that “mobile” was tapped into by Amazon, by directly engaging with apps on stores. Amazon was trying to drive customer engagement through their mobile app, which would potentially also lead to more purchases. It also likely ensured that the customer was interacting with Amazon through a multi-device lens.
It is interesting to note how the growth of different devices as shopping platforms have impacted sales, while also serving as an insightful medium to understand customer behavior.
A recent study from the Medill IMC Spiegel Digital & Database Research Center reveals the financial impact of a customer engaging with a brand across multiple devices. This study provided proof that not only did mobile and multi-device engagement grow order sizes by five percent but that mobile actually decreased time-to-next-purchase by 18 percent.   

The researchers at the center analyzed how customers’ engagement with a branded app impacted their purchase behavior. All these insights resonate with Amazon’s successful performance this holiday season through its strategy to go cross-platform.  

Considering that Amazon had a highly successful holiday season, with 60 percent of its customers shopping from mobile, this promotion, so well timed, nicely illustrates how well Amazon has been able to smartly engage with their customers across different platforms to mutual benefit.
Amazon, this holiday season, you got it right.