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Picture of Larry DeGaris

Larry DeGaris

Executive Director of Medill Spiegel Research Center

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Picture of Edward Malthouse

Edward Malthouse

Erastus Otis Haven Professor and Research Director of Medill Spiegel Research Center

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Picture of Elaine Liu

Elaine Liu

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Picture of Su Jung Kim

Su Jung Kim

Associate Professor at University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

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Picture of Yayu Zhou

Yayu Zhou

Doctoral Student, Northwestern University

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Picture of Ana Isabel Lopes

Ana Isabel Lopes

Doctoral Student, University of Antwerp

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Picture of Ewa Maslowska

Ewa Maslowska

Associate Professor, University of Illionois Urbana-Champaign

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Picture of Khadija Ali Vakeel

Khadija Ali Vakeel

Assistant Professor, DePaul University

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Picture of Morana Fudurić

Morana Fudurić

Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb

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Picture of Tom Collinger

Tom Collinger

Founding Executive Director and Associate Professor Emeritus

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Picture of Himan Abdollahpouri

Himan Abdollahpouri

Applied Research Scientist

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