Retail Trends and Spending for Memorial Day and Graduation

Executive Summary: Memorial Day and graduation celebrations significantly influence consumer behavior, with many adults participating in related activities and spending. Participation in Memorial Day sales has slightly increased, while graduation celebrations have slightly declined. Spending on graduation is rising, although the number of gifts per celebration is decreasing. Key predictors of participation include the presence […]

Retail Membership Clubs: Part Two

Executive Summary: Retail Membership Clubs: Part Two delves deeper into the landscape of retail membership clubs, building upon the analysis presented in Part One. The research incorporates data from the Prosper MBI collected in March and April 2024, shedding light on multiple club memberships, customer motivations, demographics, and the correlation between retail memberships and streaming […]

Retail Trends, Spending, and Mother’s Day Celebratory Patterns

Executive Summary: While Mother’s Day celebration rates have shown stability over the years, there have been notable shifts in spending preferences, with a growing emphasis on experiences and online and local shopping. Understanding celebrator demographics and preferences can guide retailers in catering to this significant consumer segment. Mother’s Day Significance: Mother’s Day is the third […]

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